Our Mission

Reviving the scientific
wisdom of Bharat.

K.A.H.I is an attempt to rediscover occult Indian Sciences
and bring them in the mainstream via innovation and education.

Our Plans

A panoramic approach

We are working on all the quadrants to generate as much traction for Indic sciences in the modern lives of people. Daily, we produce more and more breakthrough findings, refine them into teachable modules, and then inspire professionals to develop accessible products and services around it, which are then consumed by people worldwide and benefitted from.

New Horizons

Long-term vision is an absolute necessity.

The seeds of KAHI were planted decades ago. Giant leaps are what have led us to where we are today, Now its time to spread the knowledge.

Training Programs

At KAHI, professionals and beginners have a wide variety of Training Programs to choose from.

Curative Products

In order to make the benefits of our researches available to larger masses, we created Aroma Vastu.